Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craft Closet Organizing

OK, I have to brag a little about this. I previously had an incredible mess in this closet, with fabric spilling everywhere on the floor, and supplies stuffed in so many places that I'd often buy something and realize later that I already had it. Time for organization! My daughter suggested this strategy of clear bins with labels, and it works really well. I've also got some very large bins in another storage area for those things that take up more room.

My next step in my organizing mission will be to organize my scraps so they are more usable. There is a great scrap organizing system that describes how to cut all scraps into standard, usable pieces and organize them by size. It makes perfect sense, and as the site mentions, those scraps may have cost you something like $9/yard, so you want to make them usable!


  1. This is just amazing! I'd be embarrassed to put a photo of my 'Narnia' up in comparison to this.

  2. My goodness that is organised, I too often order fabric only to find the same hidden in a pile in a corner somewhere !